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The origins of Louis Erard go back to 1931. A symbolic year that has become a treasured reference for the brand: the first watches on the workbenches, the first mechanical frissons, the first recurrences of the subtleties that would go on to define the Spirit, the legitimation of expertise and a source of inspiration for new icons.

More than 85 years later, the Swiss Watchmaker continues to put its stamp on all that it does and sends out a clear message: TO PROPOSE HAUTE HORLOGERIE WATCHES AT ACCESSIBLE PRICES.

Louis Erard is the brand in tune with its customers, a brand with personalised, one-to-one service, a brand whose ambitions are reasonable, attainable, but very real. This positioning, is more relevant than ever. Don’t see it as some kind of philosophy... but as committed horological activism. Signed Louis Erard.



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