Service Center

At Behbehani Watch World, our success is built on our watch business but our reputation is earned through our dedication to quality, we understand the importance of a strong and reliable after-sales service center, especially with products as personal as watches. Clients can rest assured that their timepieces will be well taken care of at the Service Center by highly qualified Watchmakers.

We have always offered watch and Jewellery services of exceptional quality, making it imperative to establish a strong and effective after-sales service center. All services and repairs are performed by specialized watchmaker technicians. Our service center employees are constantly attending training courses to ensure that they remain at the peak of their profession.

We take our time with each job before the timepiece is sent back to you. Timekeeping can vary depending on the age and condition of the watch. It is recommended by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH that mechanical watches are cleaned and serviced every three years to ensure accurate time keeping. Quartz watches have moving parts which also require regular maintenance. 

One of the most important aspects of the services offered by Behbehani Watch World is commitment to care for watches after they have been sold. Our policy is not just to sell a watch but to build a relationship by offering excellent, dedicated service which engenders loyalty and satisfaction of the customer, however to assure a level of service that matches our brand’s reputation, we maintain very high standard equipment, ensuring our reputation is worn on the wrists of our customers.

Service Center Contact Details

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